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Accounting Solutions for the Airline Industry

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We provide the airline / aviation industry with a wide range of diagnostic and implementation services for finance and accounting organizations.  It applies to legacy, low cost or hybrid airlines.

Process and System Analyses  -  Our approach is simpleGA Airline Services CT.PPT

Airline Revenue Accounting
  • Passenger Model for Unearned Transportation Revenue (UTR) or Airline Transportation Liability (ATL) which will be included in Darryl Jenkins new release The Handbook of Airline Economics scheduled for publication in January 2013.

Tour Operator and Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Accounting

System Implementations
Passenger Revenue Accounting:
  • PRAS/CDS (AA) - SABRE Quasar - KGD Systems - PADRE - SITA PRA

Tour & Fixed Based Accounting:
  • Logibro (Accovia) - Miller (Point-of-Sales Accounting Systems)

Cargo Accounting:
  • Sabre

Visiting Lecturer
  • University of the West Indies: IT Management

Model Development
  • Budgets 
  • Forecasts 
  • Performance Statistics

We Promise

  • Independence:  We will offer all possible opportunities for you to consider

  • Recommendations:  We will provide the foundation for future financial justifications

  • Confidentiality: We will never divulge your corporate information

Airline / Aviation Successes 

Air China - Air Jamaica - American Airlines - Aloha Airlines - ATA Airlines - Caribbean Airlines - Continental Micronesia Airlines - EOS Airlines - Kuwait Airways - Midwest Airlines - Texas International Airlines (Continental Airlines) - Virgin America

Consultrav (ATA Leisure Corp) - Key Tours (ATA Leisure Corp) - Key Tours Las Vegas (ATA Leisure Corp) - Magna Tours (ATA Leisure Corp) - Travel Charter (ATA Leisure Corp) - Northern Air (AMR Combs) 


Aviation Acquisition Network (AAN) - Essential Ideas - ICF SH&E - Keady Transportation Consulting - Accenture 


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